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TowelWizz: Your must-have cruise accessory

Posted by RCI fans on September 29, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We've all experienced it and we've all failed...Trying to get a towel to stay on a sun lounger. No matter how you hang, tuck or fold your towel, it always seems to fall down or blow away. The problem is made worse when at sea on a cruise ship.

Thankfully though, a product called TowelWizz, is helping to make a day at sea or on the beach as relaxing as it should be.

The TowelWizz was created by Annette and her husband after becoming frustrated on holiday by continuously adjusting their towels and stopping them blowing away from their sun loungers.

The machine washable elasticated band is 18 inches long, meaning it can fit around most loungers and chairs. Apart from keeping your towel on your sun lounger, it also has many other practical uses. For instance, the TowelWizz will also help keep a rolled up towel in place, perfect for carrying around in your bag on shore excursions to the beach. Or how about wrapping it around your suitcase to easily stand out from the crowd at the airport baggage hall or cruise terminal! Not only can it do all that, but it can also keep your books and personal belongs like hats, lotion and glasses secured to your lounger. The uses are truly endless.

With a wide range of colours to choose from such as royal blue, polka-dot pink and aqua, the TowelWizz is not only practical, but looks great too.

You can purchase the TowelWizz online from just £4.99!

APP REVIEW: Cruise Tycoon

Posted by RCI fans on January 28, 2014 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Have you ever wanted to run a cruise line? Well now you can, all in the palm of your hands! Cruise Tycoon is a realistic and fun game you can play while on an actual cruise!

Cruise Tycoon is developed by TRADEGAME Lab Inc, who have also created similar travel simulation games such as Air Tycoon and Hotel Tycoon.

Available on iPhone and iPod for £1.49 (a 'lite' version is also available for free). The iPad version costs £2.49. The game is also available for Android users.

As you start the game, you'll be asked to select a language. Cruise Tycoon can be translated into 6 different languages, from English, Spanish, German and Japanese as well as others. Afterwards, you are greeted with a simple menu where you can begin a new game or load a previously saved game. You can save up to 5 different games. For all Royal Caribbean Fans out there, it won't be too hard to identify the cruise ship on the main menu - an Oasis class ship! Which brings us onto why we love this game so much. The sense of realism in this game is superb. Although the ships have been adapted slightly, you can still tell which vessels they are based on in real life. Name a cruise ship and it's more than likely featured in this game! From a Windstar sailing ship to a Regent Seven Seas luxury vessel. From a Carnival, AIDA, MSC and P&O mega ship. There are a plethora of cruise ships to choose from. It's clear to see that the developers must have a soft spot for Royal Caribbean, why? Practically every class of Royal Caribbean ship is available in-game.

As you begin your virtual cruise company, you must assign a name for your cruise line and select a logo. We called ours 'Royal Mediterranean.' You start your company with a small ship. You must then create a new cruise route and set up a schedule for the ship. As your company grows, you'll be able to afford new, larger ships, open new hubs, or discover shore excursions to earn extra profit.

You need to keep a close eye on your management. You'll have to invest in staff training, marketing campaigns and maintenance. You also have to hire captains for your ships. You can change the name of the captain and add a photo of yourself or a friend!

Like all businesses, it's all about making a profit, so you'll have to check your competitors and see how much market share they have. The more of the market share you hold, the more guest capacity you'll have on your sailings. Set the cruise price too high and nobody will sail with you. Set the price too low and you'll lose cash.

If you're short of money, you can take out a loan, which may help you buy a new vessel, invest in staff training, or arrange coffee meetings (ok, we made that last one up!)

While we're on the subject of money, unlike other tycoon apps, where to advance in the game you must purchase add ons, this game is not dominated by in-app purchases. The developers have found the right balance of offering you the ability to purchase extra content such as extra vessels, ports or money if you desire for just 69p each, however these are optional and do not affect the enjoyment you can have without purchasing these.

2013: Looking Aft

Posted by RCI fans on December 31, 2013 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Well what a year it has been in the cruise industry. Royal Caribbean have revealed that the largest ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas, will visit Europe in 2014, as well as the exciting reveal of Quantum and Anthem of the Seas.


This year we were fortunate enough to embark on 8 wonderful ships (Norwegian Spirit, Island Escape, Brilliance of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, Azura, Boudicca, Celebrity Eclipse and Balmoral) We also went on 3 visits to Southampton, watching various cruise ships sail, including Norwegian Breakaway. We also had our Southampton Ship Stalking Extravaganza in August, where we spent 3 days watching the cruise ships as well as a visit onboard Fred Olsen Cruise Line's Balmoral.

To top it all off we were featured in the Hull Daily Mail newspaper, mentioned by the Holiday and Cruise Channel and Dail Mail, being invited on board Brilliance of the Seas for a VIP cruise, as well as meeting Steve Williams, Head of Sales at RCI UK.

These 10 stories are our picks of the biggest stories of 2013;

  1. Royal Caribbean officially unveils Quantum of the Seas
  2. Anthem of the Seas will be based in UK
  3. Former RCCL Song of Norway to be scrapped
  4. Propulsion problems affect Allure of the Seas
  5. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara to separate brands
  6. Celebrity Millennium stranded in Alaska
  7. Fire on board Grandeur of the Seas
  8. Oasis of the Seas will come to Europe in 2014
  9. Kristin Chenoweth named Godmother of Quantum of the Seas
  10. Mamma Mia! Royal Caribbean announces Quantum's musical

These are the top 5 stories from the past year based on comments and views;

  1. Quantum of the Seas officially unveiled
  2. Man falls overboard on Adventure of the Seas
  3. Royal Caribbean celebrates 50 million passengers
  4. Hotel becomes ship shaped...Literally!
  5. Brilliance of the Seas VIP Cruise

We can't wait to find out what 2014 brings, but we already know it will consist of Norwegian Getaway, Thomson Celebration, Azura, Independence of the Seas and maybe a few more surprises!

We hope you had a fantastic 2013 too and from all of us here at, we wish you a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014! 

Our New Years resolution this year is to go on even more cruises than last year, which was 8!

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APP REVIEW: Cruise Lingo by Celebrity Cruises

Posted by RCI fans on August 17, 2013 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Whether you're a cruise veteran or yet to explore the world of cruising, the new Cruise Lingo app by Celebrity Cruises, lets you learn the local lingo of your port of call.

The app, released in early August 2013, allows you to learn important phrases and slang. Other features include a voice translator, 10,000 word offline dictionary and flash cards.

The free version includes over 40 phrases in each language, including phrases crafted specifically for cruisers. You can also purchase full language packs to gain access to over 1,000 phrases in each language.

There are 3 premium packages to choose from. The 'Tourist Package' unlocks 1 extra language for $9.99. The Explorer Package unlocks 3 languages for $19.99. The 'Globetrotter Package' costs $49.99 for all the languages. These seem very expensive for what they are and you could probably seek cheaper, similar apps on the app store elsewhere.

The usability of the app is very easy to use and has a clean and modern interface.

After a quick homescreen you are informed with a Sign Up or Log In page and a nifty floating ship animation at the bottom of the screen. After a simple sign up process via Facebook or by entering your name, email and a password, you are on your way to discovering new languages.

The free version includes over 40 phrases in each language, including phrases crafted specifically for cruisers. You can also purchase full language packs to gain access to over 1,000 phrases in each language.

Once you have signed up, you will be asked to select which language you wish to learn. You have 11 to choose from including, French, Spanish, Italian and German. You can switch languages at any time.


After selecting a language, you have the option of using the voice translator, flash cards, or listen to popular phrases. You can also search for phrases in the search bar on the main screen.


The free version comes with basic phrases, such as hello, goodbye as well as cruise phrases. The premium version also gives you access to more phrases such as shopping, getting around and food.

A cool feature of the phrases is that there is a slider, which allows you to say a sentence formally, casually, in slang or just darn right crazy!


We had a quick try at the voice translator and spoke a few sentences, including "I love cruising." All 3 of them translated correctly.


After switching language and speaking in Spanish, our original phrases became quite amusing! After speaking "Me encanta crucero" into the app, it translated it as "Salvador de Alicante with laughter" - Maybe our Spanish needs working on!

The flash cards are a fun way to test your knowledge of the phrases and a great way to remember them.


The dictionary is useful if you have a word you desperatly need to look up. Simply type in the word you wish to find in English and it will show you the English word and the translation in the other language you have choosen. The free version is limited to just 4 lookups, so only use this feature as a last resort. The premium version gives you unlimited access to the dictionary.

Another feature of this fun and informative app is the Culture tab. This gives you detailed information of general etiquette, country information, travel tips and saferty information on your selected country.


The glossary is handy if you want to improve your knowledge on cruise terminology, such as, Forward, Aft and Hull. However, these words can not be translated, a feature I'd like to see in a future update.


The Word Bank is a quick way to look up a term in English and the translated language. It also gives you a hint on how to pronounce it correctly.


This fun and unique app is a great tool and certainly something I'll be using on our next cruise. The offline capabilities is another thing I admire, as you don't have to worry about the app eating away at your data whilst abroad.

The free version has enough phrases to begin with, but If you wish to master a language or start a conversation with a local, it may not be suitable. It is perfect for short sentences such as asking a shopkeeper how much an item is and when buying bus tickets, etc.

Overall though, it is a brilliant app and contains many great and useful features. Congratulations Celebrity Cruises!


2012: Looking Aft

Posted by RCI fans on December 31, 2012 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well what a year it has been in the cruise industry. The year unfortunatly started with the tragic Costa Concordia disaster, in which 32 people lost their lives. We've also seen the 'Royal Advantage' added to Rhapsody, Mariner, Grandeur, Serenade and Enchantment of the Seas and more recently the announcement of a third Oasis class ship.

This year we were fortunate enough to embark on 3 cruises (Brilliance of the Seas, Oceana and Queen Mary 2) We also went on 3 visits to Southampton. Watching Independence depart twice as well as meeting Patricia Dempsey and Dan Gosling to watch Vision of the Seas make a special visit to the port on 21st September. 

These 10 stories are our picks of the biggest stories of 2012;

1. STX France to build 3rd Oasis class

2. Royal Caribbean among other cruise lines featured on Watchdog

3. RCI Australia PR manager Allison Brennan dies

4. Possible models of Project Sunshine ship facilities emerge

5. Independence of the Seas to leave Southampton in 2014?

6. Coke Freestyle Machines are a hit with passengers

7. Cruising from the UK: Why Southampton?

8. Engine room fire on Allure of the Seas

9. Adventure of the Seas to cruise out of UK

10. 5 most disgusting norovirus cruise ship outbreaks

These are the top 5 stories from the past year based on comments and views;

1. Norway Strikes spread across the country

2. Ocean Olympics

3. Coca Cola to add Freestyle Machines on Royal Caribbean ships

4. Family of man overboard on Allure, speak out about their experience with Royal Caribbean

5. Engine room fire on Allure of the Seas

Cruising from the UK: Why Southampton?

Posted by RCI fans on August 30, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

If you live in the United Kingdom, I'm sure you'll agree that cruises that sail from the UK are far less stressful than the 'Fly/Cruise'. You can forget about going through security at the airport, waiting hours to catch your plane and the strict baggage allowance of around 23kg, which when you go on a 14 night voyage, can be hard to comply with. It means you can drive or hop on a train or coach and take as much luggage as you can possibly carry.

Southampton is certainly the main hub for cruise voyages in the UK. On average 3 ships dock at the port everyday. Each filled with around 2,500 passengers. So what makes Southampton so popular with the cruise ships?

Let's start with its transport links. South West Trains run services from London to Southampton roughly every 25 minutes and the journey time is around 1 hour and 20 minutes. South West Trains also operate services from the South coast. Cross Country Trains from the Midlands and the North run hourly. Southampton is also connected by Southern which runs trains from the South East. First Great Western also operate services from the West. 

CruiseSaver (part of the Bath Travel Group), operate dedicated cruise trains from Glasgow and Edinburgh with pickups at Newcastle, Leeds, Preston, Stockport and Solihull. The 'Boat Train' offers first class travel and silver service meals, a perfect start or end to your cruise. The train delivers passengers direct to the QEII Passenger Terminal in the Port’s Eastern Docks and the Mayflower Cruise Terminal in the Western Docks.

The M3 and M27 allows motorists to get to Southampton from London and the South coast. National Express coaches as well as Eavesway have regular services from all over the UK.

You could also regionally fly from your local airport to Southampton Airport. However you will then have to face the baggage restrictions and waiting around.

It's not just Southampton's convenient travel links that makes it so popular. It's location makes it possible for ships to travel almost anywhere. Wether it be Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Canaries or America. If you compare the Port of Edinburgh or Harwich for example, you are much more limited to where you can cruise to. For instance the Norwegian Fjords, British Isles or Northern Europe.

So what do you think about cruising from Southampton?

Janet Bailey says 'I love travelling from Southampton because it means I can pack as much luggage as I want'

Debi Martin believes 'cruising from Southampton is convenient and stress-free'

Why I LOVE Royal Caribbean!

Posted by RCI fans on March 19, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

There are many things I love about Royal Caribbean and many things that are slightly disappointing. I summed up my top 3 things I love about Royal Caribbean and the 3 things I don’t like about the cruise line.


Thumbs Up


Entertainment – Royal Caribbean offer some of the best entertainment at sea. Allure, Oasis and Liberty of the Seas offer Broadway shows. Even with the Royal Caribbean Productions, you know the show will be fantastic. Talented singers and dancers, perform wonderful numbers and routines. I have never been to a show I have not liked.

Amenities – Royal Caribbean offer some of the best amenities afloat. Royal Caribbean brings out innovation, after innovation on their ships. Such as the Rock Climbing Wall on all ships and even the Zip Line on the Oasis class. Is this pushing the boundaries too much though?


Service – The level of service you receive onboard is amazing. Even though the crew are serving over 4,000 others, you still feel like they know you. The dining room staff are delightful. You build up a strong bond between them and they get to know what you like and dislike and your interests, which makes you feel special. I have never had a waiter or assistant waiter I have not liked. Although, I’m never that fond of the Head Waiters for some reason. They seem to welcome you on the first night and introduce themselves and then see you on tip night! For some reason, although we always pre pay our tips, I begrudge giving it to them.

Thumbs Down


Food – The food on Royal Caribbean is not the best out of the cruise lines, for sure. At the end of the day, I prefer familiar, comfort food, rather than white gloved, formal measly portion sizes. If I was served Royal Caribbean’s food in a typical restaurant on land, I certainly would not complain, but when you compare the food quality to other cruise lines. I understand why people do.


Staterooms – When I went on Oasis of the Seas, I found the layout was awful. You had very little space to get into the wardrobe and the air conditioning blew down onto your neck when you sat on the bed. Which by morning, you would have a stiff neck! The bed was very close to the wall, so it was hard to move a case past the bed. Also, I felt like Royal Caribbean had tried to squeeze as many staterooms in as they possibly could. Even on Independence of the Seas, though the ship is not that old, the décor looks out dated and worn.

Casino – I hate how the Casino acts as a through fare. I always feel like the staff are watching you and in my eyes, the whole place gives off a negative impression. The layout also annoys me. You seem to have to weave in and out of the machines and there is never a clear distinguished path.

Royal Caribbean or Carnival?

Posted by RCI fans on March 10, 2012 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Royal Caribbean Fans recently recieved an email asking us to compare Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines with Carnival Cruise Lines. As we have never cruised on Carnival, we called upon our friend Mikey Faust to share his likes and dislikes about the two lines.


CARNIVAL - Thumbs Up

- Great service thanks to a great crew! They are always very caring and willing to help you with anything you need.

- Nice cabins! Carnival actually has the largest cabins out of the main cruise lines. Obviously Silversea and Seabourn will have huge cabins, but Carnival's are the largest compared to NCL, RCI, Celebrity, etc.

- Great food! I have never had a meal on Carnival that I did not enjoy!

- Nice sized ships! I have cruised on the Carnival Victory twice, the Carnival Valor twice, and the Carnival Freedom once. These ships are the perfect size since they carry only about 2,500 passengers and because of their size, they can go almost anywhere in the world!

- The shows! On my most recent cruise I attended almost every show, because they were so good! These productions were some of the best that I have ever seen on a ship! The best one had to be, Ticket to Ride, which is generally accepted as Carnival's best production show!

- The poolside theater! During the day, Carnival plays videos highlighting ports of call, and at night they play recently released movies with lounge chairs and popcorn!

CARNIVAL - Thumbs Down

- The pools. -On Carnival, the pools can be a little small and because their saltwater, it doesn't really help them.

- The water slide. On Carnival's older ships the one water slide is a bit boring, but on their newer ships, they look amazing and are some of the best at sea!


- The interior design. I do look on Royal Caribbean the interior design of the ships. They sue very soft colors and is a bit more relaxed. I have been on Brilliance of the Seas, and I loved the interior design!

- The innovations. I will say Royal Caribbean has come up with some great ideas, such as the zip line, surfing, and the split superstructure idea for Allure and Oasis, but I don't really want all of that on a ship. It seems like to much to do. In fact, Princess Cruises had a commercial showing some Royal Caribbean features and they said, "tired of floating amusement parks?"


- The food. When I cruised on Royal Caribbean, the food really wasn't all that exciting. The Winjammer Buffet kind of bored me and it felt weird eating a slice of a sandwich that was made to serve like 100 people int he buffet. Plus, I hear a lot that people don't enjoy the food on Royal.

Whats So Good About Cruising Over Christmas?...

Posted by RCI fans on January 6, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Christmas is a wonderful time and what better way to spend the holiday season than on a cruise!

We asked some cruisers a few questions on their experiences about cruising over Christmas.

Shon Ford aka CruiseMan3000 and avid blogger of The Ocean Escape, summed up his Christmas cruise onboard NCL's Norwegian Gem as ‘Loads of kids and very crowed!’

He also responded to us with his views and tips about cruising over Christmas;

First off, no matter what ship you sail, expect it to be completely sold out--mainly occupied with many families, and yes, that includes many kids. I spoke with one of the security officers abaord Norwegian Gem and he told me there were 600 kids on the Christmas sailing.

It was jammed packed everywhere! The buffet was a free-for-all mad house. It reminded me of the crowds you see in stores on Black Friday. But, it was nice to be in paradise and enjoy a taste of summer in Mid December.

Also, having sailed from NYC down the Atlantic, I thought I'd tell ya it was very very windy out there, but the temperature were pretty moderate and not too bad. The Atlantic was not as rough as I expected and we had smooth seas the entire trip.

I loved the cruise and the highlight was the extended stay the Captain gave us on Great Stirrup Cay--NCL's private island in the Bahamas. We arrived in our first port--Pt. Canaveral (Orlando)--due to an issue the ship had, causing us to stop twice on our first day at seas from New York. The ship was ah-mazingly decorated and all the crew members kept saying "Merry Christmas" and it truly felt heart-warming. On Christmas Eve, everyone gathered to sing Christmas Carrolls in the atrium and it was truly enjoyable! Another highlight of my cruise was Nassau! It was my 8th time there, and they just got a brand new straw market! I was able to experience it and get a picture with the plaque outside the facility.

We also asked Liz Salby, a cruise lover and mother of 2, who also cruised over Christmas. We asked her a few question about her time;

How was your cruise?

We loved it! The themed activities and shows that were put on were fabulous. It’s hard to find a vacation that every member of the family can enjoy. My 7 year old daughter loved the youth program, so she spent most of the time there. Tom, my son, also enjoyed the youth program, he also loved the rock climbing wall and water park that were onboard. It gave us some time for me and my partner, to relax and not have to worry about the children, which is not very often we get to do that, especially over the Christmas season.

What was the highlight of your Cruise?

Relaxing! It was so nice to forget about all the stress and strains of life and not have to look at your cell phone once!

Chris Harms (Founder of Cruisers Connect) and Brad Lenz (Editor-In-Chief of Cruisers Connect) boarded the Allure of the Seas in Fort Lauderdale on Christmas Day, where they would cruise around the Caribbean for the next 9 days over the Holiday period. Not only was the cruise special for the seasonal atmosphere, but they were also onboard for Allure’s first docking in St Kitts. We will talk about their experience of St Kitts later.

We also asked them questions about their cruise;

How was your Cruise Experience?

Having two holidays in one cruise was a great experience. Christmas and New Years were wonderful and we visited the great ports of St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Marteen, and Labadee, Haiti. As always, the shows were good, Oceanaria the Aquashow was one of the best, the activities were exciting as I really enjoyed participating in a Flash Mob organized by the cruise director’s staff and the Allure of the Seas is one truly incredible ship. One thing worth noting would be the length, having 9 days was really nice. Four days at sea allowed a lot of time to explore the ship and enjoy the endless activities that the Allure of the Seas hosts.

The staff was one of the best I have experienced on a cruise. They were attentive, friendly, had lots of energy, and made the cruise that much more enjoyable for myself and the 6,000 others. Speaking of which, even though the ship was full to capacity, it never felt too crowded in any of the neighbourhoods or activities.

How was the Allure decorated for the Festive season?

The Allure of the Seas was decorated very nicely for the Christmas holiday. The Royal Promenade—one of the ships seven neighborhoods—was where most of the decorations were concentrated. There was garland wrapped around some of the railings on deck six, snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, and in the center, near Sorrento’s, a two-story Christmas tree with basketball sized ornaments. As for the other neighborhoods, there weren’t many, if any, decorations. I was especially surprised that the Central Park did not have any Christmas or holiday decorations as the Promenade did.

On New Years Eve, there were hundreds of balloons hovering over the Royal Promenade in nets, as well as confetti, noisemakers and hats that passengers could use.

What Christmas activities/entertainment did they put on?

There was Christmas Carolling in the Royal Promenade. All the passengers that participated received a song book and Ken Rush, our Cruise Director led us through some of the most popular holiday tunes.

On Day 2 (at Sea) Santa came to visit in Studio B. Children up to 17 years old could visit Santa and receive a Christmas gift. The gift you received was determined by your age, so it ranged from a blanket to a backpack. We later learned that there were over 4,000 presents wrapped in preparation for the event. Santa and his elves most of been working over time! There were also children activities, hula-hoop contests, and games in Studio B for all those not wanting to wait in line to see Santa.

What additional Christmas dishes were served in the restaurants?

On Christmas Day, I dined in Chops Grille Royal Caribbean’s signature steak house for a $30 surcharge, and they did not have any special Christmas or holiday food. However the main dining room had some holiday themed dishes such as gingerbread soufflé, and traditional Hanukah brisket with a full holiday menu.

Were there many children onboard?

The Allure of the Seas was brimming with kids and teenagers. When I went into Fuel (teen night club) some nights, there were maybe a hundred teenagers or more. All around the ship too, I got the feeling that this was obviously a family cruise and everyone brought their children/grandchildren/nephews etc.

This cruise, like many of Royal Caribbean’s, was perfect for kids. They hosted activities everyday ranging from dodge ball tournaments to scavenger hunts. But some of the most exciting events centered on Royal Caribbean’s partnership with DreamWorks Animation. They hosted the parade in the Royal Promenade which was a spectacle; held the acclaimed How to Train Your Dragon ice show in Studio B; and got passengers dancing on their feet in the Let You Entertain Me aquashow.

What would you say are the advantages/disadvantages of spending Christmas on a cruise rather than at home?

I will say that the advantages very much outweigh the disadvantages. If you really think about it, being in the middle of say, St. Thomas, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, on Christmas is pretty amazing. Some people on our cruise missed their extended family that they are usually with, so that may be the only downfall I would say. But from the shows, to the ports, activities, and some of the spectacular individuals you meet, spending Christmas on a cruise is the best. New Years was absolutely incredible as well. Imagine having 4,000 passengers packed in the Royal Promenade. Everyone on the ship was having a good time and you are celebrating with new friends, and the energy is something you would never find at home on New Years.

What was the highlight of your Christmas cruise?

Being one of the passengers on board Allure of the Seas for her inaugural call to St. Kitts was one of the biggest highlights of the cruise.

(Allure of the Seas docks in St Kitts for the first time.)

Getting off the ship I couldn’t help but realize how fun and excited the citizens were to see us. They were all so intrigued with the Allure of the Seas and were grateful for all the passengers that visited. Immediately once you stepped foot on Port Zante, there was a parade, steel drummers, and schoolchildren singing; all of which boosted the energy of all the passengers. Little did we know, that was the start of what St. Kitts had to offer.

After a day long island tour, St. Kitts became my favorite island. The island was breath-taking; it had mountain bluffs, black sand beaches, and a bustling capital (Basseterre). We also got to see where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet in St. Kitts, which was very cool.

I hope Royal Caribbean will make St. Kitts a permanent stop on the Allure of the Seas itinerary so other passengers can experience this special port.

Cruisers Connect obviously enjoyed their cruise very much. There really does seem so much that took place on the cruise. The range of activities offered are amazing! I particularly love the sound of the Carol Singing in the Royal Promenade, that must have sounded super! I also like the idea of the ‘Meet Santa’ in Studio B. (I may have gone round more than once for extra goodies!!!)

As mentioned earlier, it was also the first time Allure of the Seas has docked in St Kitts. Cruisers Connect founder Chris Harms was the first person to disembark Royal Caribbean's Allure Of The Seas on it's inaugural call to the island! This cruise must definitely be their best Christmas ever!

(Cruisers Connect Founder, Chris Harms was the first passenger to disembark Allure in St Kitts. This photo shows him being interviewed by Local News Channels.)

It has come to a conclusion that Cruising over Christmas is a wonderful experience and one far better than any on land!

We thank all of the people we asked for answering our questions. I hope this article gives you some more advice and information on what a Christmas cruise is like. If you have any pictures from your cruise over Christmas in the past, please send them in! We love seeing your cruise experiences!

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(A Video by a Local News Team. We do not own this video.)

All photos are uploaded with kind permission from Cruisers Connect and The Ocean Escape by Shon Ford. Please do not redistribute or add these images to your own website, without prior consent from Cruisers Connect or Shon Ford.